The Menominee County ISD provides training and technical support to both new and experienced Building Secretaries and Pupil Accounting Specialists at each Local District. It is the goal of the ISD to ensure that Local Districts have up-to-date and accurate information on state-approved auditing forms, legislative changes, reporting requirements, and best practices related to Pupil Accounting & Attendance. The ISD employs a Pupil Accounting Auditor, who is responsible for the Desk & Field Audits of all Count Day information at both the Building & District Level for all Local Districts in the ISD.

Jessica Arkens
Data/Pupil Accounting Coordinator
(906)863-5665 x1034


2020-21 Fall Field Audits will be scheduled with LEAs after November 2020.

Pupil Accounting Dates

  • 29 Jan
    • Spring Early Childhood Files Due to ISD
      Date: Jan 29
      Calendar: Pupil Accounting

      Ensure that GSRP files are sent, in .xml format, to Pupil Accounting Auditor by this date.

  • 9 Feb
    • Section 25e Window Closes
      Date: Feb 9
      Calendar: Pupil Accounting

      Section 25e files may be submitted via the SRM Collection for any student who transferred to your district after Fall Count, but before Spring Count as long as they transferred from a Michigan public school who claimed them in membership for Fall. Your district will receive a prorated portion of the funds generated for this student from the Fall Collection.

  • 10 Feb
    • Spring 2021 Count Day
      Date: Feb 10
      Calendar: Pupil Accounting

      Count Day Reminders:

      • Be sure to track attendance for 10-30 day rule
      • Ensure participation and two-way communication for virtual courses
      • Contact Pupil Accounting Auditor ASAP with any questions or concerns: (906)863-5665 x1034
    • Spring Early Childhood Collection CERTIFICATION Deadline
      Date: Feb 10
      Calendar: Pupil Accounting

      Pupil Accounting Auditor will submit and certify all local district GSRP data, along with HeadStart and other Early Childhood Program rosters, by this date.

  • 17 Mar
    • Spring Collection UPLOAD & CERTIFICATION Deadline
      Date: Mar 17
      Calendar: Pupil Accounting

      Spring Collection must be fully uploaded AND certified by this date. Beginning on March 18th, districts will have the opportunity to address any FTE conflicts and fine-tune their data before final certification is due on March 24th.

  • 24 Mar
  • 3 May
    • 2020-21 General TSDL Collection Opens
      Date: May 3
      Calendar: Pupil Accounting

      This is an ongoing collection that will close on July 30, 2021 for the 2020-21 school year.