Mentally healthy students are more likely to go to school ready to learn, actively engage in school activities, have supportive and caring connections with adults and young people, use appropriate problem-solving skills, have non aggressive behaviors, add to positive school culture and work through difficult life events. School based mental health services are designed to increase the provision of mental health support services in schools for general education students throughout Michigan. Since 2018-19, the Michigan Legislature has allocated funds to intermediate districts to add licensed behavioral health providers in schools.

School based mental health providers focus on finding solutions for emotional, behavioral, or coping skills which are impacting academic performance.  Students in grades K-12 with mild to moderate mental health concerns may be eligible for free behavioral health treatment. Interventions may include one on one support, small group activities, education to caregivers, or collaboration with organizations outside of school.  Generally the student concerns can be addressed and alleviated in eight to twelve weeks.  If a student needs ongoing services, the school based therapist will do a warm handoff to a community outpatient care provider.  If a student has mental health needs that require more intensive support than available through the school based behavioral teams scope of practice, appropriate referral information will be provided to caregivers.

Mary Stein

District Office
Director, Mental Health