Go to school; Stay in school!

Under the State of Michigan Compulsory School Attendance Laws, all children who are age 6-16 are required to enroll and attend school.  As of 2009, a child who turns age 11 on or after December 1, 2009 is required to attend school until the child’s 18th birthday. Parents of children and youth who are excessively absent from school can have a truancy complaint filed against them with the Menominee County Family Court.

Local school districts determine what is “truant” behavior. Typically, when a student has ten (10) or more absences without a legitimate excuse, he or she is considered truant. Menominee County Intermediate School District is responsible for filing truancy petitions with the Menominee County Family Court. We work with our local school districts and our Truancy Officer, Jeff Jones.

The best way to avoid being truant is to go to school; stay in school!

Links & Resources

External LinkConnections Resource Guide: Enhanced Community Service/Strategies for Keeping Kids in School
The purpose of this guide is to provide an overview of research related to students who are suspended or expelled and to provide other alternatives to suspension or expulsion. The guide was written by Dee Lindenberger, MARESA.

External LinkEffective Schooling Practices and At Risk Youth: What the Research Shows
This Northwest Educational Research Laboratory article is about factors which contribute to at-risk students not completing their K-12 education and what schools can do to help them reverse that trend.

External LinkSearch Institute
Search Institute provides many resources to community groups, parents, and educators who are interested in building assets among children and youth.

External LinkMichigan Resource Center
Michigan Resource Center (MRC) provides traffic safety, substance abuse and alcohol, tobacco, and other drug prevention information to the citizens of Michigan. We are an official resource center for the state of Michigan and have been in operation since 1984. The Michigan Resource Center Also Provides: A Free Loan Video Library Containing Over 200 Titles A Free Loan Resource Library including Research Journals for Professionals Electronic Information Searches Technical Assistance to Community Groups and Coalitions A Number of Display Exhibits for Use at Conferences, Workshops, and Fairs Throughout Michigan.

External LinkState of Michigan Compulsory School Attendance Guidelines
This Michigan Department of Education provides information about the Compulsory School Attendance laws which govern truancy.


PDF DocumentTruancy Early Intervention
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