School Improvement

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In 1990, the Michigan legislature passed Public Act 25 which is the foundation for a systematic school improvement process in Michigan. Public Act 25 requires school buildings and districts to create school improvement teams which include parents, business and industry, and interested citizens. The mission of the school improvement teams is to identify and improvement data-driven and research-based goals and action plans. The goals are to improve student academic achievement.

The Michigan School Improvement Process Cycle has been developed to assist school improvement teams carry out their mission. The cycle consists of four major components: gather data, study/analyze the data/information, plan, do, and gather data. The Comprehensive Needs Assessment which is Michigan’s School Improvement Framework helps school buildings and districts gather data and study the data.

Links and Other Resources

External LinkPublic Act 25 – School Improvement
This is the link to the portion of Public Act 25 which describes the school improvement requirements for school buildings.

External LinkPublic Act 25 – Annual Report
This is the link to the portion of Public Act 25 which describes the required building and district annual report components.

External LinkMichigan School Improvement Framework
This is the link to the Michigan School Improvement Framework. At this same website, you can also find the Comprehensive Needs Assessment rubrics which support the framework.

External LinkMichigan School Report Card-Public Site
This is the link to the annual report card website for all school buildings in the state of Michigan. Schools are annually rated by the Michigan Department of Education using the state-assessment scores and a self-assessment completed by each building. Michigan Department of Education determines if a school has made adequate yearly progress (AYP), a requirement of the federal No Child Left Behind Act.

External LinkOffice of Educational Assessment and Accountability
This is the link to the Michigan Department of Education’s Office of Educational Assessment and Accountability public site. Links to MEAP, MME, Mi-Access, ELPA, and the OEAA secure site are available at this website.

External LinkAssociation of Supervision and Curriculum Development
This is the link to the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development.

External LinkAdvanc-Ed Website
Use this link to access the School Process Rubrics, the District Process Rubrics, the School Improvement Plan templates, and the District Improvement Plan templates.

External LinkData for Student Success (data4ss)
Use this link to access the secure Data for Student Success website. Here you can download your Annual Education Report and view available MEAP and MME data for your building and district. You must have a login to this site. Please contact Beverly Schewe at the MCISD office to obtain login information.